from 11.may to 05.october.2024

Daily opening hours
08:00-10:00 and 15:00-17:00

Closed Sunday afternoon


What do we offer?

  • Bread
  • Basic foods
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Cold cuts and cheese
  • Drinks
  • Household items


  • meat for your BBQ (Fassona piemontese)
    (on reservation via eMail until wednesday or while stocks last)



We offer about 200 products that are produced in the Valle Maira or the province of Cuneo. We are supported by 24 different producers and suppliers whose collaboration, reliability and quality consciousness we highly appreciate.


A choice of our regional suppliers:

in the Maira Valley:
ALP (Craft beer), Alquimìo d’Òc (Liqueurs), Sarvanot (Cheese, White Genepi), Ciabrie (goat-Cheese, goat-Yoghurt, goat-milk), Simondi (Charcuterie), MauroVini (Wine), St. Maurizio (Cheese, Yoghurt, Butter), Cavanna (Polenta, Biscuits, Müsli), Caseificio ValleMacra (Cheese, Yoghurt, Butter), Sidreria C&L (Cider).

in the Province of Cuneo:
SoFood (Energy bar, Müsli), Barbaria (Biscuits, Flour), Fantino (Coffee), Bordiga (Genepi, Grappa, Liqueurs), Troll (Craft beer, meat), Lurisia (water and soft drink), Ganghija (Wine), Agricola Vigna Riccardo (Wine and honey biologico), Teo Costa (Wine)

Our mini market in Marmora is a true point of reference for guests of Camping Lou Dahu and those staying in surrounding facilities. Thanks to our close collaboration with local suppliers at ‘zero kilometres’, we are able to offer our customers a carefully curated selection of typical local products and sustainable purchases on a daily basis.

From artisan cheeses and cured meats to fresh fruit and vegetables, and from renowned Piedmontese wines to exquisite liqueurs from Valle Maira, every item in our mini-market tells the story and tradition of our region.

We are convinced that this is the most sustainable way of life for our nature and habitat, and furthermore, we strengthen the local infrastructure.

Take advantage of our dedication to quality and freshness, and fully immerse yourself in the culinary experience of the area during your stay at Camping Lou Dahu.