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Camping Lou Dahu

Via Provinciale, 6

12020 Marmora (CN)

Valle Maira

We respond promptly to incoming enquiries:

within 4-6 hours during the day

within 1-2 days


Codice CIR:

Who we are

The managers/owners Sandra & Roland welcome you to the campsite and Tatanka Village at an altitude of 1200 m between Marmora and Canosio in the Upper Maira Valley. We are a small, family-run campsite, suitable for people who like to do sport or relax in the middle of nature.

We are originally from the city of Augsburg in Germany and are passionate about long-distance hiking. In 2017, we walked a few stages of the GTA (Grande Traversata delle Alpi), which took us from Ventimiglia to Terme di Valdieri. On this occasion, we got to know Piedmont for the first time and were fascinated by it. The beauty and wildness of the landscape combined with the good food and friendliness of the people impressed us greatly. For this reason, we changed our lives in 2019 and decided to realise our dream of living and working together in the mountains.

A friendly quadruped that populates the peaks throughout the Alps.
It is easy to recognise because it has a unique feature: its upstream legs are shorter than its downstream ones to maintain a constant balance on the most difficult slopes. Many have heard of it, but few have seen it.
Who knows if you will be able to!

Picture of the legendary wolpertinger or Lou Dahu in occitan language

How to reach us/how to get there:

From Dronero, go towards Acceglio. At Ponte Mormora (Gentil Locanda), turn left towards Mormora/Canosio/Colle d'Esischie.

After passing the tunnel, before the sharp bend, continue towards Canosio (right-hand fork) over a small bridge.

Then turn immediately right (onto a gravel road). Drive past the large wooden building and our gate. Our car park is a little further down the road on the left (after our camper/stop).


  • Turin-Savona Motorway:
    from Turin: exit Marene (SP 662). Follow Savigliano-Villafalletto-Busca-Dronero.
  • From Savona: exit Cuneo Est (A33). Follow Cuneo-Caraglio-Dronero.


  • “Mountain taxi”.
    The Sherpabus offers transport for hikers (also with bikes) and can receive groups directly at airports (MI-TO) and railway stations (TO-CN).
  • The Sherpabus offers luggage transport for hikers along the daily stages (e.g. Occitan Route or GTA).

Send an e-mail to Gianni Pilotto for more information on Sherpabus.


  • until Cuneo.


  • Bus Company (Line 92: Cuneo-Dronero-Roccabruna).
  • Benese (Line 78: Cuneo-Dronero-Acceglio).
  • Valley stop: Ponte Marmora. From here: 4 km on foot or Autostop or Sherpabus.


  • Cuneo Levaldigi (56 km, near Fossano).
  • Torino-Caselle (145 km).
  • Milano-Malpensa (265 km).
  • Nizza (309 km – road via Colle Tenda closed).