Save The Date: 4+5 June

The “Fiera degli acciugai” recalls this past and proposes an enogastronomic itinerary and the rediscovery of the ancient traditions linked to the consumption of anchovies and of the products of the valleys  |    L’antico mestiere degli acciugai della Valle Maira rivive nella tradizionale fiera il 4 e 5 giugno-


HOLIDAY JOB OFFERED for bar/restaurant/room/kitchen/cleaning/garden/… |Period: May – September, min 4 weeks to max 5 months (4-6 days depending on salary perseptions). Requirements:The desire to spend some time in the mountains (Marmora, Valle Maira, 1250 msl) in the middle of wild nature with all the benefits and to contribute to the team. Our offer:# Accommodation…