05/21/2022 to 10/02/2022

Daily opening hours
08:00-10:00 and 15:00-17:00

Closed Sunday afternoon


What do we offer?

  • Bread
  • Basic foods
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Cold cuts and cheese
  • Drinks
  • Household items


  • meat for your BBQ 
    (on reservation via eMail until wednesday or while stocks last)

A choice of our regional suppliers:

in the Maira Valley:
Furnel e Pirol (Sausage), ALP (Craft beer), Alquimìo d’Òc (Liqueurs), Sarvanot (Cheese, White Genepi), Ciabrie (Cheese), Simondi (Charcuterie), St. Maurizio (Cheese, Yoghurt, Butter), Cavanna (Polenta, Biscuits, Müsli), Sidreria C&L (Cider).

in the Province of Cuneo:
Fantino (Coffee), Bordiga (Genepi, Grappa, Liqueurs), Troll (Craft beer), Lurisia (water and soft drink), Ganghija (Wine), Agricola Vigna Riccardo (Wine and honey biologico), G. Bordone (Wine), Negretti (Wine).

Our mini-market represents a local supply both for our camping and apartment guests, as well as for locals and the guests of other hostels in the valley.

We put special emphasis on offering typical, local products and thanks to the predominantly regional suppliers, our customers can buy a lot of food from the “zero km” area. We are convinced that this is the most sustainable way of life for our nature and habitat, and furthermore we strengthen the local infrastructure.